by Lisa Pirkle



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About Lisa Pirkle

Lisa is a self taught artist residing in Hickory Flat, GA.

Lisas' varied interests have led her to experiment with many art forms. She has worked with pottery stained glass, mosiacs and wood. She taught herself how to weld and uses that talent to cut various copper designs to embellish her sculptures. 

​Her current art work is a collection of wall art and oil lamps which are hand formed from a lightweight concrete mixture that she developed. She embellishes these with copper wildlife designs. She calls these "Fish Frags" because they look like fragments of larger pieces of stone. 

She also makes wood fish from recycled wood, metal and other found objects. She calls this collection "Get Green Art" 

​Lisa says that her experiments with all of these different mediums have led her to create her latest art forms. Her life long dream of being a successful full time artist has come true. She has worked hard and held onto her dreams. As her company motto says she is  "Always creating another great product."

Lisa Welding