Stripey Fiesta.

Stripey Coral Reef

Stripey Patriotic

Stripey Aqua.

Stripey Pinks

Stripey Turks Caicos

Stripey Light Blue Dots

Stripey Blue Lime

Stripey  Lime.

Stripey Fantasy Fish For 2019

Stripey Lanier

Stripey Purple

Stripey Fish are made from wood with copper and steel embelishments. The eyes are made from can lids, pop tops and a glass eyeball. The copper and steel fins have a top coat of laquer. I suggest that if you do hang them outside that it is undercover to protect the fish from the elements.

The Stripey Fish come in three sizes;

Small is 10x8

Medium is 24x10

Large 34x14

Stripey Fish can be ordered to face left or right and with a wood tail or a copper lure tail, there is an up charge for the lure tail. All fish are handmade so there will be differences but very similar to the images shown on website.

Stripey Coral Blue


Stripey Red

Stripey Navy Dots